Monolup 30mm 15x forstørrelse

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129,00 kr
Nydesignet monolup med 15x forstørrelse og LED-lys. Se flere lupper her.

Novelly designed eye-clamp magnifier.
One bright LED for precise watching with ON/OFF switch.
LED powered by 2 * C1620 button batteries (included).
Applications: industrial purpose, circuit board and printing industry, coin and stamp, home and office, etc.

Operating guide:
Put the magnifier at the right eye position, press the magnifier with right hand, and then wind the steel belt with left hand around the head in the left eye direction to the right ear.

LED power supply: 2 * C1620 button batteries
Magnification: 15x
Lens diameter: 30mm
Lens material: Optical glass
Product weight: Approx. 25g

Varenummer 102-0218
Price 129,00 kr
Pakkevægt (g) 90
Inkluderet 1 Monolupe m-LED lys incl. battery
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