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Electric Shock Lie Detector.
Shiny shocking lie detector device.
High/low shock setting.
LED's to indicate fact or porky.
Sensors to front and back.
Hand strap for maximum effect.
Suitable for 14 years of age and up.
Full instructions included.

1. First place your hand onto the Lie Detector in the hand slot.Make sure you are making contact with all the sensors. Strap yourhand in place.

2. Press the reset button, thenkeeping your hand stationary press the 'Analyzer' button. The unitwill take a reading of your vital statistics for comparison whenyou are questioned. The 'Lie level LED's' will activatesequentially and you will hear the product emit a 'reading completetone'. Your details have now loaded into the lie detectorscomputer. You are ready to be questioned.

3. Your questioners can now asktheir own questions making sure to push the 'Analyzer' button afterEACH question. The 'Lie Detector' will measure your 'lie level'each time the 'Analyzer' button is pushed. When it has assimilatedyour reaction to the question the 'Lie level LED's' will light up(the evaluation time may vary). There are 5 'lie level' LED's intotal. 3 green and red. They will light up sequentially - themore LED's that light up the more you are moving away from atruthful answer. When you tell a direct lie or have given anunacceptable amount of half truths or deviations, all of the 'lielevel' lights will light up and you will receive an electric shock!Serves you right for being a liar!

4. The normal reaction whenreceiving a shock is to lift your hand. The hand plate is removableand will come away with your hand from the base unit. This cansimply be put back for the next person to be questioned.To restart the process or to start with another person you MUSTpress the reset button so that all accumulated data is cleared. Youcan then repeat operations 1-3 in the instruction.

Note: The more questions that are asked the moreinformation the Lie Detector has to analyse and base its conclusionon. So you may get away with little lies in the beginning, but itwill get harder and harder!