Hudtang 10cm, sæt

Varenr.: 103-0163


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Hudtang i rustfrit stål, længde ca. 10cm., til manicure og pedicure.Der medfølger 2 tve-endede jern til rensning af negl og neglerod.

Cuticle Nipper Cutter Features:
Material: Stainless steel
For trimming cuticles, hangnails and giving manicures and pedicures
Size approximately 10cm mm long

Dual-end pushers:

The spoon-like end (curved-end) is used for pushing cuticles - the design easily helps to shape the cuticles
The blade scrapes the hard-to-remove leftover skin residue on the nail and great for removing glue when using acrylic nails
Suitable for professional salon use or home use

Large Size Cuticle Nail Pusher Features:
Material: stainless steel
Length: approx 14.5cm

Small Size Cuticle Nail Pusher Features:
Material: Stainless steel
Length: 12.5cm