Apacer 16GB MicroSD

Apacer 16GB MicroSD

Varenr.: 102-0139


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Apacer MicroSD hukommelseskort efter SD Spec Ver 2.0.Klasse 4 dataoverførsel, stabilt og velegnet til langt de fleste formål. ECC support (Error Correcting Code function).Flere kort her: MicroSD Kort

Compliant with lastest SD Spec Ver2.0, supports the FAT32 file system format.
With large storage capacity and fast data transfer speed.
Supports ECC (Error Correcting Code) function to detect and correcterrors.
Supports Wear Leveling function to extend product life cycles.
Supports CPRM technology.
Supports dual channel technology to improve the workefficiency.
Supports ISP mode to download, implement and update F / W andcompatibility.
Complies with highest security of SDMI standard.
Mechanical write protection switch.
Auto stand-by and sleep mode.
Green product, get the certification of RoHS.
Product lifetime warranty.

Storage capacity: 16GB
Port: SD Spec Ver 2.0
Speed class: Class4 (minimum write speed of 4MB/sec)
Operating voltage: 3.3 V
Item dimension: 16 * 11* 1.5 mm

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