Vandtæt pose og headset

Varenr.: 105-0072


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Vandtæt pose og headset til iPhone og andres smartphones.Kraftig, lækker kvalitet.Beskytter ved stranden, i vandet, på båden, i sneen osv. osv.

Built-in 3.5 mm earphone plug allows you to listen to the musicwith the phone secured inside the bag.
Touch screen in the bag can still be used normally.
Guaranteed submersible to 6m.
Floats safely if dropped into water.
Transparent design allows easy access to all functions withouthaving to remove the case.
Suits iPhone 3G-4G-4S and any other cell phone smaller thaniPhone.

Please measure the size of your device before purchase!

Color: Black
Material: PVC + ABS
Bag Size: 17 * 10 cm
Item weight: 84 g