Turnigy BESC Programming Card

Turnigy BESC Programming Card

Varenr.: 101-0079


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Programmeringsenhed, som letter programmeringen af ESC'ere.

Download English manualhere

This device plugs inbetween the Rx and the speed controller. It allows the user to programthe BESCaccording to a series of LED indicators.
Buttons at the bottom let you navigate easily through the menuand select the feature you want, then change it. It is very simpleand much easier than listening to jingles or a series ofbeeps.

This item is an excellent addition to your kit and lets youquickly change the BESC'ssettings in the field in a much shorter time and with greaterassurance that what you have changed is correct and saved into theBESC.

No more black magic throttle stick programming!
Throw away the manual, you wont need it anymore!

Compatible with Turnigy Plush speed controllers.