Mini Wi-Fi DVR Kamera MD81

Varenr.: 104-0048


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NU kan du få det velkendte lille spion/action-kamera i en Wi-Fi version!
Med Wi-Fi funktionen kan du i realtid holde øje med, hvad der sker, og præcis hvad, du får med på billedet.
Du kan både tilslutte over internet, hvis du ikke er hjemme, men også direkte (uden router) på din smart-phone, iPad eller labtop PC.

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This New-Tech Wi-Fi camerat supports connection to iPhone, iPad,Android smart phone, tablet PC, laptop PC devices to see videostream real-time.

How to download the software you need ?
1)PC: Go to, selectthe software you want to download.
2) Apple Series (iPhone/iPad), search "9527" from the "App Store",download and install it.
3) Android Series (Phones/Tab), search "9527" from the "Play Store"or "GoogPlay", download and install it.
4) Alternatively scan the barcode on the box with yoursmartphone.
5) Computer series Select the PC version download computer or webviewing.

Using environment:
(1) Short-range
This camera can connect to a mobile phone/tablet directly by searching the camera's Wi-Fi signal, you can see video from camera in real-time. No Wi-Fi router needed, the available distance isabout 2-3 meters.
(2) Long-range
The camera supports remote monitoring over the internet, for this you need a 2.4GHz router.

Newest point-to-point Wi-Fi and internet Wi-Fi technology.
Supports iphone/Android/ phones/laptop point-to-point monitoring, remote monitoring through internet.
24 hours continuous recording with TF card cyclic recording.
Supports up to 32GB TF card.
System: Windows/iOS/Android.
Video format: AVI
Video resolution (short range): 640x480 VGA
IP video resolution (Long range through internet): 320x240 QVGA
Resolution: 10fps±2fps
15m~20m Receiver Range
Working time: about 60 minutes (supports external power supply whenworking)
Charging: DC 5V/1A
Dimensions: 55mm X 28mm X 20mm
Flexible installation with clip or bracket.


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