About Alabazar.com

Alabazar.com is a virtual shopping mall, which is host to a number of independent shops.

Alabazar ApS offers a professional platform where shop owners - large and small - in a quick, simple and cost effective manner can open their internet shop without any prior knowledge of web shops, internet design, programming, payment gateways, search engine optimization, inventory management, etc. etc., and without the significant costs that come with any professional solution. 

Alabazar.com is the ideal solution for many business owners, and at the same time a safe place to shop for consumers, because all deals are concluded between the customer and Alabazar ApS. 

Alabazar ensures

        -That all products are fair value for money.
        -That the offered items are on stock, if so stated. 
        -That the delivery times are complied with.  
        -That any warranty obligations are met.   
        -That all aspects the Sale of Goods Act are at all times respected.  

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