Flexiview FV-1 Android_TV-Box

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Flexiview FV-1 Android TV Internet Box.
Med  Nintendo Wii style fjernstyring - bare peg, klik, træk og slip med den medfølgende "luftmus".

1080p HD Media Player, Internet Browser, Netbook, Photo viewer, Music Player, Game Console
Du kan tislutte til netværket med RJ45 LAN eller med WiFi, virker med USB externe harddiske, og undetsøtter også mus og trådløst tastatur.

  • Samsung CPU S5PV210 1GHz
  • 4GB Flash
  • Full HD 1080P hardware video decoder
  • SD card slot support up to 32GB
  • Wireless motion sensor remote control
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built Bluetooth
  • Supports wireless keyboards

FLEXIVIEW FV-1 allows your HDMI TV to function as:

  • Internet TV
  • Internet Browser/Netop
  • On-line Shopping and Banking portal
  • 1080p Multi Media player (Down load or off memory)
  • Works with Bluetooth keyboard, USB wired keyboard/mouse, RF 2.4GHz wireless keyboard/mouse
  • Built-in Wifi Adaper
  • Social network portal(Face Book ,Twitter, MSN etc)
  • Games Console
  • Download Applications - supports Google Market
  • View and share photos
  • SKYPE/MSN friends and family
  • Send and Receive emails

Internet freedom on your HDTV

FLEXIVIEW FV-1 Box is one of the world's first media devices capable of browsing the Internet directly from a TV without the need for a computer. With its highly intuitive user interface, you can personalize and create a bespoke home screen categorizing all your media on one screen.

Plays your digital stuff
The device can be used to play and view practically all common video, music, and photo formats from home media collections and the Internet in up to full 1080p High Definition.

See what your friends are watching
Core social features of the I-TV Box make it easy for friends to discover new content from each other through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more. Users can share anything they're watching or listening to with their friends on I-TV BOX and other social networks with just a few clicks on the remote.

FLEXIVIEW FV-1 brings smart TV to the Digital Home
For people looking to get more entertainment into their living room, the FLEXIVIEW FV-1 Box quickly turns any HDTV into a Smart TV with near limitless content courtesy of the Internet. Built-in security options like login access and parental controls ensure the FLEXIVIEW FV-1 Box and its content remains secure.

Varenummer 102-0011
Price 1.498,00 kr
Pakkevægt (g) 902
Inkluderet Android TV-Box
Remote control
Power Supply
Power adapter EU
HDMI cable
English manual
Ikke inkluderet 2x AAA batteries, SD memory card